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Susan MacLeod

Fashion Tips For Canadian House Hunters

03 August 2015
Susan MacLeod

I just bought two pairs of great shoes. I am trying to feel guilty because my kid needs to go to camp this summer and I have to pay for swimming and improve classes but I just can’t feel the guilt.

These particular shoes have a wedge heel so it makes my legs look long and fantastic,yet I can run if I have to (which I try to avoid).I can crawl comfortably around furnaces while looking for the date when it was last serviced and I can scramble under bushes and in underground parking lots, looking for lock boxes that rarely have any identifying features and are usually in a tangled mess of other unmarked lockboxes. The wedge offers me the ability to comfortably do a variety of tasks without thinking about my agonized feet.

I was going to meet client this weekend and my son who rarely comments on my attire unless the circumstances are dire, looked me up and down and said with a tired sigh “You can’t go out of the house with those shoes”

“What’s wrong with them“ I asked defensively, already knowing the answer. Apart from being the unsexiest shoes ever invented next to crocks my Mephistos send a purposeful message that I have given up on living. But man, are they comfortable.

Where is this leading…I need good shoes to be happy doing my job and so do you.

When we go to tour potential properties wear comfy shoes. If we are going to go and look at six places in a day, especially tall townhomes with limited foyer space. Wear slip-ons. You will be so much happier.high shoes

Most people selling their homes put a great deal of effort into making their homes as lovely as possible. Often there is a sign by the door politely asking you to remove your shoes. It’s the thing to do.

We will be going into the basement, sometimes unfinished.You may want to slide them on again as the floor are cold and dusty. You may be called upon to trudge across the back yard to take a look at every mans favorite; the garage. Backyards can be spongy and wet especially this time of year so Jimmy Choos don’t do so well. This goes for the men as well. Velcro’s not just for kids.

House hunting requires your attention and it would be great to focus on potential properties and not your feet. Imagine if you passed on the last and possibly the best house of the tour because you just couldn’t take your shoes off or put them on again .Getting in and out of the car for the sixth time in a pencil skirt and stilettos will make you want to scream as will lacing up those thigh high S&M boots for the 12th time in a day.(crocks don’t sound so bad now..do they?)

There are gorgeous slips on for ladies and men that won’t make you look like me in the Mephistos. One more thing, bring a healthy snack. Even the best properties can’t overcome a long day in uncomfortable shoes and the burning desire for a tasty lunch.

PS Fly London makes great house hunting shoes,especially the suede blue or black sling back wedgie *They are more for woman than men