Susan MacLeod

June 2018 Infographic

08 July 2018
Susan MacLeod

This is what the current Toronto Market is doing.

March Infograophic

06 April 2018
Susan MacLeod

march Infographic

Whats Up February 2018?

05 February 2018
Susan MacLeod

What has been happening and how it impacts 2018 moving forward.

August 2017

14 August 2017
Susan MacLeod

What is going on this August in Realestate Land!?

The May Stats are in!

11 June 2017
Susan MacLeod

The numbers tell the story!

Whats up for 2017 ?

19 January 2017
Susan MacLeod

Realestate forcast by Suzycloud. Downtown Toronto. 2017

January Infographic

16 January 2017
Susan MacLeod

Hot Off The Press.How Did December 2016 Perform?

November/December Market Update and Financing Changes

13 December 2016
Susan MacLeod

What the heck is going on this month.Mortgage Rules.Price Increases.

November Infographic

08 December 2016
Susan MacLeod

See what happened last month in Toronto!! What sold and how much.

October Infographic

04 November 2016
Susan MacLeod

Whats happening this month in Toronto Realestate?