Blog Market SnapshotCondos up almost 9%!!2018-11-09T03:05:00Z1804c0a4-7845-4107-b2dd-1ae3540d608e 2018 Infographic This is what the current Toronto Market is doing.2018-07-08T21:52:00Zb9e7ef7f-3aab-4df5-a1c7-4a851fed3cc7 Infograophicmarch Infographic2018-04-06T20:24:00Z3512c69c-9d89-492e-92d4-b44df026b9f1 Up February 2018?What has been happening and how it impacts 2018 moving forward.2018-02-05T22:50:00Zadac41c5-0dc3-4981-8285-57371f94928d 2017What is going on this August in Realestate Land!?2017-08-14T19:25:00Z7185f2e8-1f4a-495c-8cd7-41e0fcf75d9f May Stats are in!The numbers tell the story!2017-06-11T13:42:00Z4070edbf-6dc1-424d-8049-d5a5c4acaccf up for 2017 ?Realestate forcast by Suzycloud. Downtown Toronto. 20172017-01-19T19:07:00Z85cad40a-034d-4fd5-866c-23c6d956cfd7 InfographicHot Off The Press.How Did December 2016 Perform?2017-01-16T18:03:00Zfa54d5fd-f75d-4edd-9799-740a8357dc64 Market Update and Financing ChangesWhat the heck is going on this month.Mortgage Rules.Price Increases.2016-12-13T19:13:00Z18695f79-beaf-4b79-9ec0-c0f8d592927d InfographicSee what happened last month in Toronto!! What sold and how much.2016-12-08T19:23:00Z936027ec-5fac-42ed-8931-f58844175d01 InfographicWhats happening this month in Toronto Realestate?2016-11-04T16:43:00Z4885731f-228a-468f-9e72-fe7c0d00ec5c Bosley InfographThe April Bosley Infograph is here!2016-04-11T14:33:00Z1ad032ee-2131-4468-80ec-938cb92eef3c Bosley InfographThe March Bosley Infograph is here!2016-03-15T14:40:00Z9ae6b4b7-7427-47ce-99a9-fbb5fd06266e your Credit Rating is Determined. I bet you will be surprised!Buying or Renting....Your credit rating matters. Ever wonder how that magical number – The Credit Score is computed? Read On. 2015-08-03T12:56:00Zb9991260-a359-431b-8110-21d4af945665 Tips For Canadian House HuntersFashion Do's and Don'ts for the Average Canadian House Hunter 2015-08-03T12:37:00Z0bcdd10c-537a-4f83-ab27-68fb257e7400 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 17TH , 2015A few weeks ago we determined that the Pan Am Games would contribute to lower listings and lower sales numbers because many people were planning on escaping the city. Hey, we were right….until everyone realized that the traffic just wasn’t that bad. It appears that now is as good a time as any to sell a home.2015-07-21T11:10:00Z986c4c91-5eb4-4553-aa5d-0cea8ea0e117 Real Estate Infograph June 2015It would be fair to day that Torontonians are getting mixed signals about our house market...2015-07-15T11:13:00Zbbc35d47-342f-44f7-9d1a-720bcde0b357 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 3RD , 2015t’s easy to see the freehold sector easing into the Summer market. Listings remained unchanged over the previous week, running at 308 new listings in the central, east and west core but sales have trailed off by 56.3% over the same period.2015-07-07T11:02:00Z